Medical Supples Project

Like education, Guatemala provides free healthcare services to all citizens and tourists. The challenge is they don't have the supplies, personnel, or infrastructure to provide quality healthcare. 

While most towns have a “Health Post”, most are staffed with the equivalent of an LPN for only a few hours a day yet void of nearly all supplies and medications to provide even the lowest level of care. 

Often times, patients who travel all the way to the Hospital get turned away because they are not "bad enough" and the hospital is already at maximal capacity.   Outside the Emergency Department can easily be mistaken for a gypsy camp, with at least 100 people camped out in hammocks, cooking food over open fires, kids playing soccer, and women doing laundry; it was a site you had to see to believe. Apparently, people camp outside until they finally get seen, which can sometimes take days.  

We hope to improve health in the area by providing basic medical supplies and medications such as antibiotics, anti-fungal cream, anti-parasitic pills, band-aids, alcohol wipes, etc. 

For $25, you can provide a first aid kit to a family. 

For $50, you can provide enough liquid Tylenol for several families. 

For $200, we would be able to provide 60 capsules of amoxicillin, 60 capsules of Erythromycin, 60 capsules of Doxycycline, and 60 capsules Penicillin, and 60 capsules of Bactrim; enough antibiotics to provide the necessary infection treatment for weeks!  

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