How Can You Help?

Volunteer Your Time


Come volunteer in the clinic! Travel with us to Petén, Guatemala. Healthcare professionals can use a room in the local Puesto de Salud (health department) to see patients.

Make a Donation


Let us put your tax deductible donation to best use through serving the healthcare needs of the people in Petén, Guatemala. In return for your generous donation, we will send a beautiful handmade bracelet.

Donate Healthcare Supplies


This is a picture of the pharmacy at the clinic we volunteered with in Guatemala. We are always looking for more supplies to take with us on our return trips. This allows us to keep treatments free for all patients we see.

Lake Peten

Volunteer Your Time

We are always looking for qualified healthcare professionals to come with us to Guatemala. Our mission is to help this rural community to the best of our ability. Whatever your speciality is, we can find a way to utilize your skills.

Resources and healthcare providers are scarce in this region. The closest hospital is at least 30 km away, and it is also lacking in personnel and resources. From the stories we have heard, although it is a "free" hospital most patients are turned away because they can't pay for services. We aim to take away this burden from the understaffed and underfunded hospital and help the local community with their medical needs as best we can. 

After a long day of seeing patients, you can enjoy the local cuisine with a view of the beautiful lake, Petén Itza! On the weekend, you can explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal or enjoy the nightlife in Flores, both of which are about a 30 minute bus ride away.


To get to Petén, there are two travel options:

  1. Book a flight into Guatemala City, then book a separate flight from Guatemala City to Flores (~1 hour flight). The other option is an 8 hour bus ride from Guatemala City to Flores. Once you land in Flores, you can take a taxi directly to where you will be staying for your trip (~$5USD per person)
  2. Book a flight to Belize City, Belize. From the airport, you can take a bus to El Remate (~$20USD, ~5 hour drive). After getting to El Remate, you would have to walk to your final destination.

***Our team at K'uhul Balam has traveled to Petén both through Guatemala City and Belize City. For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to walk you through this process.


There are plenty of housing options available depending on your needs. We are developing relationships with locals to provide homestays for volunteers. There are also houses for rent and plenty of hotels in the area. Please contact us for more details.

Make a Monetary Donation

We are an accredited US 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization, and any donation provided to us is tax deductible. Rest assured, 100% of your donation will go to the people of Petén. The funds will be used to bring much needed supplies to the underserved local communities and to send qualified professionals to administer healthcare services to the population.

In exchange for your donation, we will give you a handmade bracelet. Send us your contact information so we can send you our free gift.

Click the Donate Now button below to give your donation via Paypal, or send a check payable to:

K'uhul Balam

306 Ridgeland Road

Dothan, AL 36301

Donate Healthcare Supplies

The people of Petén have very few medical resources, and one of our fundraising goals is to collect supplies to provide the best care possible. We are developing a wishlist of supplies, but here are a few items we will always be in need of:

  • Tylenol (adults and children's)
  • Ibuprofen, naproxen
  • Antibiotics (oral)
  • Antiparasitics
  • Antifungals (oral and topical)
  • Steroid cream
  • Blood glucose monitors, lancets, and test strips
  • Urine collection cups and dipsticks
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Gauze (2x2's, 4x4's, nonsterile and sterile)
  • Latex free or nitrile gloves, all sizes
  • Scalpels

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please contact us with any items you wish to donate.

Have Another Donation Idea?

We are always happy to hear from you! Give us a call at 334-219-5625 or email us at to share your ideas.

Support us with your purchases!

Kuhul Balam is now registered with Amazon Smile. Select Kuhul Balam as your non-profit, complete purchases at, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase amount to our efforts to support the women and children of Petén, Guatemala! Download the file below for instructions if needed. ¡Gracias por su apoyo!

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